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(More changes!)

The winter of 2012 - 2013 seems determined to not let go.  Last year's picture, above, belies the fact that there is still a foot of snow on the ground.  Here's how the yard looked the day before the start of astronomical spring.

The "old fashioned" winter allowed us to get a logger in to thin out our forest for the first time in over 25 years. It was pretty spectacular to see the size of some of the trees being skidded out of the woods.  The logger did a fine job and cut 5 full truckloads of mixed hardwoods and hemlock in less than a week.  He left us the tops for firewood and we'll probably have enough for the rest of our lifetimes!


Our camping adventures continue to be documented under the link above to the "Adventures of Little Guy."  We upgraded our tow vehicle as well - see "The New Tug."  And, finally realizing that we were actually older than we thought we were, we have a new additon to the family, our new ParkLiner fiberglass camper, originally dubbed "El Huevo Gordo" which is Spanish for "The Fat Egg."  I, however, was overruled and our ParkLiner has come to be known officially as Eggbert!  Check out our new rig on the link above "Meet Eggbert" and follow our travels in the "Adventures of Eggbert" link..